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Module 3 - Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane for Parents

Module 3 - Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane for Parents


MODULE 3: Kids brains, challenges and finding connection

-You'll learn about why the foundations of parenting start with connection with your child (and yourself too - that's what the Compassionate Hand MP3 is for)

- How you can foster connection, with 5 -15 minutes quality time (and why it's super important) with your child each day

-Connection with your kids can help them to feel calmer, be more cooperative and teach them to manage their emotions (in the long term), while maintaining a  bond with you. 

- Simple neuroscience of your kids brain and what's happening and how you can respond during meltdowns (FYI - kids borrow from our nervous system, so learning to be calm - I KNOW SUPER CHALLENGING TO DO ALL THE TIME, while they're upset, is an important key)

- Some playful parenting suggestions to help enhance cooperation


- PLUS 2 free MP3s to help keep your cool and develop your self esteem

If this sounds good, grab MODULE 3 Kids brains, challenges and finding connection right here, for $20. 


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  • So Much Content for Only $20 :

    - 60 minute videos packed with psychology about kids, connection, bonding, neuroscience and playful games you can use to enhance cooperation

    - 2 MP3s Mindfulness of Breath and Compassionate Hand (a meditation to connect with yoursef and enhance your self esteem). Your compassion is incomplete, if it doesn't unclude yourself

    - a 7 page PDF with some questions to ask yourself (it's like self therapy) and a reference guide for all the info from the video 

    - links to the 60 minutes of video content and the MP3s are in the PDF