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Your Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane For Parents

Your Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane For Parents

When you sign up, you'll receive access to:

  • x6 1 hour videos on

    • Conquering overwhelm,

    • Self care and Mum guilt

    • Managing your anger/irritability,

    • Maintaining/managing/coping with your intimate partnership 

    • Challenging behaviours/connection with your kids/trusting your instinct

    • Finding your identity/purpose outside of parenting

  • 6 Worksheets to keep you accountable and to help you in the best way possible

  • Mp3s 

    • Parenting Affirmations (affirmations help you to transform how you t​hink and behave)

    • Mindfulness of Breath (my way, not anybody else's ;))

    • Compassionate Hand

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Drop guilt and keep your cool hypnosis 

PLUS there will be a $5 donation made to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) for each purchase

PLUS Ill send you a free Ebook of my first title Keep Sane and Parent On (Also available here right now)

NOW FOR $74.50 which 50% off  or  x 4 weekly payments of $20

To put it in perspective an hour psychology session is $230.
So, plus the mp3s and book, it's worth

1 hour sessions with me: 6 x $195
Mp3s: 3 x $16.95 
My book : $15

= $1455 value

The program is like therapy (I know you haven't got time for that right ! Plus, my next available appt is about 4 months away),

but online and you can do it whenever you want. So, its win win. You and I can make this time online, whenever it works and  we still get to connect and help you to be the Mum you want to be!


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