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Bright Gradient
Bright Gradient

Thinking About Private Practice?

But how many bad stories have you heard?


Or have you had a bad experience yourself?

Have you thought these before?

"Ill get too many cancellations."

"I won't be able to afford all the expenses."

"I'll have to see too many clients."

"I won't make any money."

"Ill be isolated." 

"The practice will take all my money." 

and my personal favourite...

"I'm not good enough/experienced enough for private practice"

Actually that's all a bunch of bull. 

Bright Gradient

An Emotionally and Financially Rewarding Private Practice Career Awaits You

You Will Make Enough Money

If you charge enough and have good admin to fill your diary. 

You ARE Good Enough

You don't have to be an expert or perfect to make a difference to someone in need. 

You Will be Supported

In the right practice or with strict practices around peer review and supervision.

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Bright Gradient

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