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Mental Health Events 
Eastern Shore Psychology

We're excited to be offering much more than just individual psychology sessions at Eastern Shore Psychology, to  Hobart and the wider Tasmanian community. 

There is so much power in openness to trying different approaches, outside of the individual therapy (and in conjunction with) and there is the opportunity for connection, when support is offered in a group space. 


These groups are ways to learn new skills and delve into your own personal journey to growth, in a much deeper way. These can also be important ways to amplify your individual therapy growth too and help you out between sessions too. 

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Mindfulness Groups with
Josef Vuister

Come together with Josef, for these small groups to learn some basic mindfulness skills. Josef is a trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practitioner and has recently completed his Masters in Professional Psychology. A great way to start a practice, ask Josef for some tips and be guided into your own mindfulness journey. Book now for Wed 3rd July, 5.30pm


Holotropic Breathwork with Kurt

Eastern Shore Psychology are very excited to be hosting Kurt Tropiano, a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and Performance Coach, for holotropic breathwork sessions at our Rosny office. All are welcome from all around Tasmania! LIMITED SPOTS available for Saturday June 8, so book now.

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