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Telehealth Sessions

We Offer the Flexibility of Video or Phone Sessions...

When you can't make it in to our office or if you live outside of Hobart, the great thing is you can book a video or phone psychology session with us! 

The Benefits of Video or Phone Sessions

- Flexibility to continue therapy, where ever you are

- You can stay in the safe space of your home

- Less travel time, as you don't have to travel to our office for your session!

- If you're a tiny bit sick, you can still have your session, without passing on germs

- Avoids the cancellation fee, if you can't make it in

- You can see any of our psychologists, where ever you are in Australia. You might like the look of one of our psychologists and their particular interests, without the need to live in Hobart. 

What We Suggest for a Good Set up for your Therapy Session

A definitely private space where you won't be interrupted

- Comfy chair

- Blanket, cushion - whatever keeps you comfy!

- Water/beverage of choice (not alcohol!)

- Tissues

- If there's nowhere at home, head out in your car and park somewhere private - perhaps beach car park or some other nice natural setting

- journal/pen and paper

Payments and Medicare Rebates for Telehealth Sessions

For all Telehealth sessions, you will receive an invoice via email prior to your session. We ask that the invoice is paid via bank transfer or over the phone prior to your session. If you are eligible for the Medicare rebate, this will be processed following your appointment, once your payment is received. It's that easy!

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