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"I didn't know what to expect when I walked in the door today, I was feeling pretty nervous, but, I'm so glad I came."


Have you ever ever needed a psychologist, but talked yourself out of going? Thought that you'd just feel too uncomfortable talking to a total stranger? Didn't want to walk into some creepy dark office and just have someone ANALYSE you or read your mind (I really wish I had that skill btw)?


Now, I don't want to float my own boat, and as a psychologist, I'm definitely not allowed to ethically do that, or to share testimonials (that would be totally unethical), but that statement above, or words to that effect, is something that has been said to me quite a lot lately.


I do feel it's ok to say that I am genuinely fascinated and invested in every person that walks into my office. I am here to sit with you to work out your problem with you, the way you're thinking, the way you're feeling, the way you're behaving. Where it comes from, why it happens and most importantly, how to actually help you with painful thoughts, feelings, unwanted behaviours and challenges in your life.

Hi there, I’m Sarah. I’m a  Clinical Psychologist and Clinic Director Eastern Shore Psychology (formerly Sarah Purvey Psychology)

I am also about drinking coffee (which is intrinsically linked with having children), sleeping (like I’ll take anything I can get, which is a lot less than any person should function on), movies (in the one hour I have between putting my cherubs to bed and laying my bone tired body down to rest) and my passion of psychology.


If you want to work with me and find out how to take charge your mind and your life, let’s catch up. Ill share my thoughts, knowledge and give you some skills to give you want you need. If you live in Hobart, grab a referral from your GP for a psychology session (at my practice in Rosny, Hobart, Tasmania) or for a Hypnobirthing Australia group class, head here or for my Keep Sane and Parent On Support Group, head here. 


And if I am unable to see you, please rest assured, you'll be in good hands with any of the other psychologists working with me. I choose and  attract the mental health professionals who are similarly motivated to help the people of Tasmania, change their lives for the better.

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