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I'd Love to Help You Cope Better with Parenting...

Are you overwhelmed by parenting?


Are you surprised by your reactions to your own children?


Do you struggle to experience the joy in being a parent?


Have you forgotten who YOU used to be in the haze of nappies, sleep deprivation, school drop off and pick up, washing and the vacuuming that never seems to be finished?


Do you even have doubts that you’re a good enough parent?


Parenting is so delightful sometimes right? But it’s equally, bone shatteringly, exhausting. To cope with the endless challenges that parenting brings, you DO need to have time out (even though it might not be how it was before you were a parent). But how are you going with that?

You need to learn to trust your parenting instinct, so you can tune out to judgment and the endless serves of conflicting advice, that you’ll continue to receive throughout your children’s life.

So, I've written you a book ;)


Clinical psychologist and Mum Sarah Purvey will share with you her psychology knowledge and personal experience, to help you do just that. So, pick up her book, read a page or two whenever you can (she knows that you may only have a minute or two, before your cherubs will interrupt you!) and learn how the relationship and connection you have with yourself and your children are the keys to navigating parenting (without tearing your hair out).

You owe it to you kids, and you owe it to yourself…

Grab a Copy Right Here


Now Available in E-Book Version too :)

Grab the E-Book here!

You're absolutely not alone! If I had a dollar for each parent that walks in my door saying they don't want to be that parent that yells, then I'd have a rather large collection of gold coins!

3D scene5.jpg
Bright Gradient

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