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Keep Sane and Parent On Affirmations

Keep Sane and Parent On Affirmations

Affirmations are repeated positive messages or perhaps even coping statements, that help your brain to create a new, positive way of thinking. There's genuine neuroscience behind why and how affirmations work. Like anything though, the more you practice, the more your brain will take on the positive message. 


When we frequently engage in negative self talk (ie that shitty negative voice in our heads, that emerges when we're overwhelmed), then that's how we feel and behave. 


Conversely, when you turn this talk around and use regular, positive talk, then this is how we think and behave. 


I have created a series of positive affirmations that relate to all things parenting.

Daily stress, tantrums, sleep, perfection, wanting to do it all, fitness, health, meal times, irritability, guilt.


Some you will resonate with and some you may not. The ones you don't you can automatically reframe in your mind or choose to tune out to and tune into the affiirmations that do resonate with you. 


However, you may even be surprised by the ones that don't automatically resonate with you! The positive, repeated message, can end up changing the way you think, for the better ;)


I'd love you to try it today. It even works for me, if I can tune out to the fact that I don't love listening to the sound of my own voice!


Listen to it to relax at the end of the day. Listen to it in the car while you're driving or doing the housework! Affirmations can play on in the background while you do something else, but you can choose also to sit down and relax to them with headphones, so the messages really sink in. 


Repetition is key though, brains work best with regular messages, to help create more and stronger, neural pathways.

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