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Drop Guilt and Keep Your Cool Hypnosis Mp3

Drop Guilt and Keep Your Cool Hypnosis Mp3

Hypnosis is a powerful way of sending messages deep into your subconscious to create new, positive ways of thinking and behaving. And it's super relaxing.


This is a deeply relaxing and empowering MP3, using metaphor and empowering messages to help you ease guilt and keep your cool, in the face of those emotional storms, with your kids!


Listen to it any time you need to relax and the more you listen, the more it will help rewire your brain,to help you behave the way you want to, with your kids.


Try it with headphones, at night time, before you go to bed or any place you can't be disturbed, for about 15 minutes. It's best to sit upright, so you don't fall asleep while listening. And if you do fall asleep (cos you probably need to right!), well, it's not the end of the world, as your brain will still take on those subconscious messages.   


Personally recorded and created by Sarah Purvey, Clinical Psychologist. 

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