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Keep Sane and Parent On - Buy Now (Free Postage)

Keep Sane and Parent On - Buy Now (Free Postage)

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"You never thought parenting would be this hard. It's meant to be joyful right? And it is sometimes. But. It's equally the hardest. Job. In. The. World. ​ You used to think you were patient. Until you realised that your 2 year old wants to do EVERYTHING BY HERSELF. ALL THE TIME (Am I right?). ​ Are your gorgeous little monkeys as determined and willful as mine? ​ Do you feel out of your depth? ​ When was the last time you did something for yourself (going to the toilet alone doesn't count!)? ​ Do you feel like everyone else seems to be doing it easy and you're not?" Read about my tips to look after yourself, tune into your own parenting instinct, listen to what you say and enhance your relationship with your child. THESE are the keys to navigating parenting. It's not a rule book, as parenting doesn't come with one!


"Sarah's book gave me permission to drop the cycle of shame of feelign overwhelmed and normalise the chaos with my children; creating more connection and emotional awareness with my girls." Chantal


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Bright Gradient

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