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Parents, how are you?

Tired, frazzled, stressed, guilty, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, unsure?

Wondering how you should be responding to your child's tantrums? 

Losing your temper more than you would like?

Frustrated that your partner doesn't help out more?

Or some days do you even feel like a failure?

I guarantee that because you're even considering looking at options, to improve your parenting experience, you're already doing an amazing job!

Parenting is TOUGH, messy, rewarding and a constant journey of growth (that's the positive reframe on challenge ;) ) I'm still waiting for it to get easier haha!


If you're anything like the vast majority of Mums I see, you're critical of yourself (ie. beat yourself up a bit), have high standards about what you think YOU should be doing (I bet you would never speak to your friends, the way you do to yourself), put others needs ahead of your own, get too grumpy with your kids/yell (or even at times rage) and spend most of your waking (heck, and a few sleeping hours too) hours doing everything for your kids and you may or may not be arguing or feeling frustrated with your SO, more than you used to!. 

I totally get it. I used to sit, firmly in those camps. 

Over the years, I have helped many overwhelmed Mums with all of the above. And over the years, I continue to navigate and grow in my own parenting journey with my 2 girls. 

I know you're probably very time poor - either not having time for therapy or to do my whole Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane for Parents (which is very comprehensive). 

So, I thought I would give you a taste of one of the modules, from my course for $20 (full course is usually $149) as a Easter/Australian school holiday special:

MODULE 3: Kids brains, challenges and finding connection

-You'll learn about why the foundations of parenting start with connection with your child (and yourself too)

- How you can foster connection, with 5 -15 minutes quality time (and why it's super important) with your child each day

-Connection with your kids can help them to feel calmer, be more cooperative and teach them to manage their emotions (in the long term), while maintaining a  bond with you. 

- Simple neuroscience of your kids brain and what's happening and how you can respond during meltdowns (FYI - kids borrow from our nervous system, so learning to be calm - I KNOW SUPER CHALLENGING TO DO ALL THE TIME, while they're upset, is an important key)

- Some playful parenting suggestions to help enhance cooperation, reduce and release stress for you and your kids (ie. = less yelling/nagging)

- PLUS 2 free MP3s to help keep your cool and develop your self esteem

Grab MODULE 3 Kids brains, challenges and finding connection NOW, for $20. 



OR you can grab the full course for 50% off (for a limited time) at $75 (usually $149)



"The parenting model most of us grew up with was authoritarian parenting, which is based on fear. Some of us have grown up with permissive parenting, which is also based on fear. Authoritarian parenting is the fear of losing the parents love and permissive parenting is the parent's fear of losing the child's love. Connection parenting is based on love instead of fear. "

Pam Leo

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