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Your Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane For Parents

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How's parenting going for you and your family?

I'm guessing that if your anything like me, your to do list is as a Mum, is fricking enormous, right?

Your mind is busy. Even when you're actually trying to take a rest, it's a battle with the part of you that just wants to get all those jobs done and the other very important part of you, who is SOOOOOOO TIRED. 

And there's that old nag, guilt. 

It rarely gets in the back seat does it? 

What would you do more of if that mental chatter wasn't there?

Maybe you could be ok with lowering your expectations. Maybe you could prioritise your need to rest or do whatever it is, that helps you chill or just plain have fun.


And just how do you cope with the screaming or the sensory overload, the constant chatter, the being pulled in 50 different directions, while trying to do just one thing (like cook a healthy meal - that they may or may not eat - cos you care about the kids, a hot cup of tea, a 5 minute conversation with your partner).


Is that when angry Mum pops out of nowhere, like a text from a shitty ex boyfriend?

Or is that at bedtime or both?!

And let me ask you, when the last time you had fun with your partner was? (2011 Falls Festival for my husband and I FYI, jokes - we are sooo much better at making time for eacho other, although it definitely doesn't look like 2011 Falls :D)



Mix all of the above thoroughly with no time for yourself or your partner, work overload, demands from family or no time to see your friends -

 in the midst of a global pandemic 



One overwhelmed parent


I'd really love to help you with all that. 


I'm Sarah, a clinical psychologist, mother of 2 very determined girls, aged, 6 and 4, owner of a private practice Eastern Shore Psychology in Hobart and author of Keep Sane and Parent On (and an occasional yeller).

I can help you learn to put you at the top of your list with your kids.

Looking after you too, is looking after your kids. 

Healthy, happy kids, need a healthy, mostly happy parent FIRST. 


Via countless therapy sessions with numerous Mums, a couple of rounds of my face to face Keep Sane and Parent On classes in 2018 and 2019, research, discussions with friends and my own experience with my girls, I have developed a very personalised, laid back, informative, but not at all judgy, online program, which addresses all the above.


I find the problem with most parenting strategies, blogs, programs, is that


I end up feeling like a failure. 

And I have heard this a lot from many Mums. 

They try the gentle approach, they try the time out approach, they try the 1,2,3 approach, they try bloody everything. 

As they are such amazing Mums.

They are so dedicated. 

So focussed on the needs of their kids.

Not wanting to f&*k them up.

Not wanting the same experience they had when they were a kid. 

Every good intention in the world. 

But wringing their hands because "nothing works."


Most Mums I see want to:

  • Stop yelling

  • Stop feeling so guilty

  • Understand their kids behaviours and what they can do to help

  • Their partners to understand theirs and their kids needs


Over the last few years I've been helping parents in therapy, to help them do all of the above. 


In my Ultimate Online Guide to Keeping Sane for Parents Ill help you to:


  1. Yell less by conquering the overwhelm, helping you understand why you get angry and by giving you strategies 

  2. Heal the Mum guilt, so you can properly look after yourself (in order to yell less and feel more positive)

  3. Enjoy parenting and connect you more with your purpose in life with understanding about life and wellbeing and strategies to help you connect with your identity outside of parenting

  4. Stop overthinking and feeling judged by others about your parenting

  5. Understand why your child behaves why they do and what you can do to help

  6. Improve your partnership and parent well together, with less conflict



You'll receive:

  • x6 1 hour videos on all of the above

    • So a time commitment of 1 hour a week, to improve yours and your family's life

  • 6 Worksheets to keep you accountable and to help you in the best way possible

  • 7 Mp3s 

    • Parenting Affirmations (affirmations help you to transform how you t​hink and behave)

    • Mindfulness of Breath (my way, not anybody else's ;))

    • Drop guilt and keep your cool hypnosis

    • Compassionate Hand

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Values exercises

    • Dropping anchor (when you're really mad)

PLUS there will be a $10 donation made to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) for each purchase


To put it in perspective an hour psychology session with me is $230
So, plus the mp3s and book, it's worth

1 hour sessions with me: 6 x $230
Mp3s: 3 x $16.95 
My book : $15

$1454.80 value

The program is like therapy, but online. You can do it whenever you want and a little less confronting than sitting in a room with a therapist. Plus you can show bits and pieces to help your partner understand. So, its win win.


You and I can make this time online, whenever it works. You still get to connect with me and I'll help you to be the Mum you want to be (or wholeheartedly and lovingly accept the parent you already are):)

Set yourself aside an hour a week - see it as a self care and reward yourself with something yummy, coffee, a wine or a coffee date with a friend afterwards, or whatever it is that helps you to remind you that you've done transform you and your family.

Here's what Katie said:

"Thank you for a fantastic course, I really enjoyed it, got so much out if it and would highly recommend it. So worthwhile to invest the time to do it. My Mum guilt is reducing  and my affirmations help so much and unwinding to the Mp3s is fantastic. Thank you so much."

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Sarah Purvey - Clinical Psychologist Hob