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Why Would I Go to Relationship Therapy?

Did you know it takes many couples 6 years, after problems arise, to start getting some help?

Now I am not sure about you, but 6 years of unhappiness does not seem like an enjoyable way to live life. You deserve to be happy in your relationship and your life in the way you choose to live it.

Most people learn how to be in a relationship by watching their parents.

How many people do you know, who’s parents were able to model a wonderful relationship and could communicate well most of the time?

And how did your own parents argue? Exist together? Love each other? Spend time together?

If you look back on your relationships and your parents can you see a mirror in the way that you argue with your partner as you saw your parents? Sometimes when you have an argument, it is not the argument you need to have.

Relationship therapy can assist couples figure out and deal with the root problem.

Some questions you may be asking about your relationship and that therapy can help you with:

Are there issues that you are stuck on & just can't seem to get past?

How would you like to go forward and see your relationship?

Do you want it to thrive or just get by?

What kind of relationship do you want to build for yourself?

Do you want better sex?

Better communication?

When is Relationship Therapy Useful?

Relationship therapy can be helpful for a range of different issues such as infidelity, differing libido, improving your communication, understanding each other’s needs, creating a better sense of connection and more. It is difficult to get through your relationship issues alone, having an objective perspective can help you through it.

If your relationship is feeling more difficult than fulfilling and trust has been broken and resentment is building then relationship therapy can help. It can help before there are major issues to understand your partner better and it can also help at the end of a relationship so that it can end amicably or remember what it was that you loved about the person or persons you chose.

Love is a choice and we can choose it every day.

Choose to have a fulfilling and happy relationship.

Written by Lia Lawton, Provisional Psychologist and Couples Therapist. Lia is currently taking appointments for individuals and couples for relationship and sex therapy at Eastern Shore Psychology (Located in Hobart, Tasmania - F2F or online available). Lia is also interested in supporting clients who present with Low Mood, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment disorder, LGBTQIA+ community and Neurodivergent clients.

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