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Imperfect Parenting is Perfect

Good enough is certainly best, when it comes to parenting. Striving to be perfect as a parent in all ways, expecting our partner to be perfect or expecting our children to be perfectly behaved, perfectly excelling at school, eating perfectly, perfect in their relationships, perfectly sleeping is pretty ridiculous isn't it?

Perfection is just not within the reach of anyone, nor should it be. The messy hair, the messy house, the stains, the tantrums, the snuggles, the laughter, crumbs on the floor, piles of washing, forgetting, but remembering a pile of other things, raising children, keeping kids clothed, fed, going to school, extra curricular activities and the imperfection are what creates the beauty, challenge and meaning of parenting. If it all went perfectly, then it wouldn't have any meaning. Anything that challenges us makes us grow.

When you're imperfect you're teaching your kids that it's ok not you be perfect too. When you lose it, move on, let it go. When your kid loses it, move on and let it go. Then when you're calm and they're calm, you can work on the lessons to help shift the behaviour in the future.

Check out a copy of my book Keep Sane and Parent On for waaay more on embracing your imperfection, as a parent. If you're in Hobart, I'd love to see you at my book launch - tickets here Come along for a cuppa, cake, q & a, a book reading and be in the company with all the other parents, who are sharing your experience too. We're in this together, you are not alone ❤

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